A lucky break...
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    do a whois search on my ip...

    A lucky break...

    So I am on winter break from college, my friend calls me asking me if I would help him in this odd job...

    He tells me that we are moving some storage shelves, boxes, and files over to a new location. I go along with him; to find out that this company rented out two rooms, in this commercial building right across the parking lot from their place of business. The rent went up and they couldn't afford it, so they had us help move some stuff.
    We came across this room full of old computer towers, monitors, printers etc... The lady instructing us had no clue about computers so she said they would donate them, my friend asked if we could take anything! Just like that he got fairly new tower, a flatscreen monitor (we didn't find till she was gone) and I grabbed two towers with windows 95 on them, a monitor, and popped open the casing to a brand new computer. Took all the memory and hdd, closed it back up and went on with our tasks.

    We found her later, and asked her if it was okay that we take all this stuff. She replied "what are you going to do? recycle it?" I quickly spoke up and said "yes" so now I have two boxes to mess around with!

    I think I will start by messing with different versions of linux, then move to network setup, then I will test my knowledge by gaining access to them, and finally wireless cracking! (if I can get a card, and stuff like that)

    I just thought it was a lucky break...

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    That is awesome... Are you sure that she had the authority to give the stuff away though?
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    Authority... we don't need no stinkin authority.... ;-)
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    do a whois search on my ip...
    Im pretty sure she had the athority =) if not oh well lol.

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    Stuff gets put in cupboards until the bean counters have finished writing it off


    I usually pay around $5 to charity............. just so that I can take on the legal liability.............. I am covered up to 4M............. somehow my insurance premiums (s/be praemia, I know!) are a bit less than my fees for fixing stuff............ weird huh?

    OK, rules get broken? the guys who throw the trash deliver to my house as well as collect
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