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    Needed to Download

    Hi AO's

    well this is my frist post in Programming

    poeple i have search in torrents, limewire and many of other websites

    but there is no place i was able to find out C language software as i wanted to learn certain things about C programming which is important for learning more programming language

    The Basic Question is i want to download C language and use it

    if u guyz can help me get it downloaded plz give me link to download it
    or else a torrent for it would also work

    Guyz i m really in need for this software

    Thanks and regards
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    Hi KK,

    There are all sorts of free things here:

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    The thing about C is you dont really download anything other then a compiler for it... This means you use either a text editor or an IDE to write the code..

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    Hey thx nihil,

    how u doing !!

    u have always been of help on AO


    hi i m not that expert in this programming and all this i m a accountant who keeps too much of interest in computers and i hopefully think of taking it serious in future

    can u explain this to me in a lil deeper manner?

    Question is not "Why are you Online"
    Question is "Why are you Off line"

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    Here are some new free compilers from Microsoft

    Here is holy grail when it comes to programming and understanding C

    C Programming Language (2nd Edition)

    Hope this helps.
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