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Thread: itunes problem

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    As said above it is really very simple to add music files on i-pod.You can go to file and import all your music files from your music folder.
    One tricky part is that each i-pod is recognized by your original i-tune on pc where you first installed it.
    So as kingkong said if you connect it to some other pc you will delete all data.
    I tried to get around of it while this year on holidays cos i visited my sister and added thousand of pictures on i-pod of kids etc and couldn't do nothing with them except watch them and show them to her on i-pod.
    I did exported it to her pc but when tried to open with other i-tune was not going to risk to lose all when message that you can lose all data appear on screen.;(
    u can copy all your disks too easily, just insert it in cd or dvd and copy to i-tune library.
    good luck

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    No don't copy any music from CD's to it or else:


    The RIAA does it again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KorpDeath
    No don't copy any music from CD's to it or else:


    The RIAA does it again.
    I also read about that on another website. Have you ever heard a bigger crock of sh*t? I would hope that the Fair Use Doctrine would kick in, but since all of our pols are little more than shills for the RIAA/MPAA, who knows.
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    I use Pod to PC to transfer my music from iPod to PC. http://www.downloadbestsoft.com/Pod-to-PC.html
    It has iTunes in it and worked great for me, I managed to transfer hundreds of songs.

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