I think I may have a government-made trojan, but I don't have the expertise to make that determination. I'm hoping someone here does.

Two years ago, I worked for a bank, and left after about a year. I've since been raising a family, and had no idea anything was out of the ordinary.

Just recently, however, the feds revealed in court documents that I am the target of a federal investigation into alleged embezzlement at the bank. As part of that investigation, it appears that federal agents attempted to install a "Magic Lantern" type trojan on my computer via an email.

What makes me suspicious?

1. The email (which I believe actually came from the feds) supposedly came from a former colleague of mine at the bank at which I'm accused of the embezzlement. I hadn't had any contact with my former colleages for over a year.

2. The day after I opened the email, out of the blue, federal agents conducted a raid on my property.

3. When I was still employed by the bank - before any allegation of wrongdoing was made - the colleague sent me the same pictures. I compared the properties of the Before/After pictures. The original pictures are of a smaller file-size than those sent by the feds.

I wanted to post the suspicious files here, but I ran into file-size limitations (568kb total). I'd like to have the files analyzed to determine whether they have any trojan-like capabilities. Is anyone here willing and capable of performing such an analysis?