Background info: My girlfriend's internet is restricted a little overboard considering she pays the extra at the student flats to be able to use it. She plays an online game with my friends and I but since she moved she hasnt been able to connect, I'm guessing the ports are blocked since both server and client are working fine.

I have looked into proxies but everything really seems to be more about privacy while web browsing. The games config can be set to connect to a different IP and port so I was wondering if there was a way for her client to connect to my laptop at home as a gateway through an open port (such as 80) and I could act as a proxy to allow her to play?

Maybe its stupid to think you can put something else through another port or that a proxy could change the port like that, but I figured it was worth asking.

I know an online game isn't exactly life or death but its a bit of fun and I've tried everything I can think to try.

Thanks in advance for any advice, even if it is 'give up'