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    How long is a lifetime warranty?


    I am sure that you have seen these "lifetime warranties", particularly for RAM strips. Well I suggest you get your "legal eagle's" hat and a strong magnifying glass out before you believe it.

    What exactly is the definition of a "lifetime"?

    Well if you are tempted to buy memory from TwinMOS it is the "lifetime" that they continue to make the particular product, then the warranty expires. It is an EOL concept, not a human one

    Other small print will define it as the lifetime of the original purchaser, so the clever Dick(head)s who think that they have this warranty just because they have the original receipt............. don't.

    In fact, to attempt to make a warranty claim and pass yourself off as the original purchaser is fraud, and a felony in most places I know of

    Some companies do offer a true lifetime warranty.......... they don't want a receipt, just to know that it is their genuine product. Zeiss, Cross and I am sure, that there are many others.

    Worth a thought when you are buying stuff maybe?

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    Mmm thats something people should keep in mind when buying something. Personally I am not attracted by a warranty but by the history of the quality of the line of products.

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    I've found that Corsair is fairly reputable when it comes to honoring their "lifetime" warranty. Of course they test it before they replace it, and of course the part has to fail according to their specifications...but I like how they've treated me.

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