I have a friend that is doing artwork for comics and such and for some unknown reason he thinks that I get into the hardware side of things. Here is a copy of what he sent to me for his plan to build. I am looking for you hardware expert's opinions as to what will or will not work with this. Thanks!

"I'm building two systems, I need your advice: can I put a raptor x 150 as a main drive, and use a 320 gb for art/pics? Do you know if its possible to put more than 4 gb in vista 32 bit? I want to put 8gb ocz in this system. Its on a 780 motherboard, with 3 8800 gtx gpu's. With a 1100 w power supply. Sound massive it's not, these systems run about 760w tops, thats with 3 gpu's. and I have a single dvd rw drive. I found a way too get the video cards cheap. If you can find them used with the receipt it means they are under warranty, plus they have a lifetime gaurantee if it d.o.a. so this will cost about 1100 dollars to build. Then I plan to use a 30 lcd. I found a really good one thats expensive but you can run two pc's on it at the same time. the screen splits in the center. Its made by eizo, check it out . Then im gettin a crappy 12x18 scanner i found for cheap under 200. I dont know jack about harddrives. Until now I used single drive systems. Do they have to be the same drive, and does it have to run in raid 0. I wanted this system to start up really fast. I'm using on a 2.6 intel duo on this too. New egg has them for 189 bucks. I'm having to wait on the motherboard. The evga 780 sold out everywhere the first few days. Now they are on back order. 250 for a 3 gpu motherboard isnt a bad price. I think I could use a smaller p/s than 1100 watts but I want to be on the safe side. Not alot of p/s's have 3 or 4 pci e connectors on them. Enermax 850 is the lowest wattage Ive found. The dvd drive is 25 bucks. 8 gbs for under 300 dollars too."