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    Windows Vista "account corruption" issue.

    Co-worker of mine came to me just now with an interesting issue.

    Vista machines are showing a message that basically states --
    User can not log in to windows due to a corrupt account.

    (Obviously not the exact message.)

    However, the account operates properly in safe mode.


    My request is threefold.

    #1 - Prompt reply if possible.
    #2 - What could cause this?
    #3 - Is there a way to fix this *with out* doing a reinstall of the OS?

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    #2 - Corrupt file for profiles, trying to find the info link....

    #3 - Yes - create a different user profile. I had ran into this as well. Save all the user files from Documents and then create another user profile.

    Let me find the link from Microsoft....

    Add #1
    While searching the info I did stumble on this:
    How to copy data from a corrupted user profile to a new profile

    Add #2
    Here's a KB from Microsoft about the error:

    The solution is:

    3. In Control Panel, click User Accounts.
    4. Create a new user account. Windows makes a new directory for the account in the Documents and Settings folder.
    5. Quit the User Accounts tool, and then restart the computer.

    The message is:
    Windows cannot load the locally stored profile. Possible causes of this
    error include insufficient security rights or a corrupt local profile.
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    Thumbs up

    Thanks -

    I'm still working. So I appreciate it.

    EDIT -

    Thanks so very much. Helped me out immensly.

    Turns out this particular issue stemmed from a failing HDD, but the links helped us with 2 other cases we are working on.
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    Hi there za~,

    A pure guess here as to what the cause might be. I have noticed that corrupted profiles are more common in XP than 2000, and I suspect that Vista takes more after XP?

    I wonder if it might be that some machines are shutting down before they have properly saved the settings, thus corrupting the profile?

    If you could find a machine where this was happening on a regular basis I would try setting the system to empty the pagefile on shutdown and see if that stopped the problem.

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    I'll take a look into that.

    Yeah, Vista takes quite a bit after Xp.

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