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    Help. . .

    Is it posible for me to make an anonymous proxy server? and how?

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    Hi, and welcome to AO.

    Is it possible for me to make an anonymous proxy server?
    Err, yes, at least in theory

    and how?
    That is the difficult one without further information.

    1. What do you mean by "anonymous proxy server"?
    2. What hardware do you propose to use?
    3. What operating system?
    4. If you don't have answers to #2 & #3 then what is your budget?
    5. Is this a permanent requirement or an academic exercise?
    6. How do you envisage using it?
    7. How do you propose connecting to the internet?

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    And let's not forget --

    8. Why do you want an "anonymous" proxy server?

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    To bypass the myspace filters at work, duh.. lol...

    But yes, it would depend on what kind of proxy you are looking for. If it's a web-based proxy, that's simple. There's a kajazillion web based proxies and i'd say 99% of them use the same script. I can't remember the name or site, but if you go to sites like hidebehind.net, it will say the name of the script at the bottom. Then you can just download the latest version and install it on your own server and commence wasting your employers money

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    There's a kajazillion web based proxies
    Ok "X" lets not get too technical here. Using the proper "kajazillion" rather than the abbreviated n is reserved for really uber l337 folks.

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