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    Followed Irongeeks advice but MAC address change/spoof won't work

    Hi all,

    I've been trying to change me MAC address on my wireless adapter using
    various methods described by Irongeek, changed the Network Address in the properties of the adapter in Device Manager and using a cmd line utility as well as via the registry. Trouble is when you use the getmac cmd in Command Line it returns the adapters true MAC address and not the spoofed one. It also shows the true MAC address on the wireless router I'm connected to. Even after a reboot it's the same problem.

    It works ok when changing the Local Area Connection but not the Wireless Card. It's a Atheros AR5007EG Adapter on a Toshiba laptop runing Vista Home Premium

    Any suggestions?


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    Well theirs only 2 reasons that I can think of as to why you couldn't clone the MAC of the Wifi card.

    1. Your doing it incorrectly.
    2. The wireless card does not support it this ability.

    I would lean more toward number 2 being the reason since you are able to do it successfully on a an ethernet card.
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