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    Quote Originally Posted by AngelicKnight
    Ah, I have so been through this. I posted a thread on this no more than a month ago.

    Given that it's a T60, it's going to likely boil down to only a few possibilities:

    1. Hit the Lenovo support site and download Thinkvantage System Update. It will check for any missing drivers.
    1a...i did that

    2. Also make sure you have the Windows XP (if you're running XP) hotfix for T60 audio. Speakers won't work without it. Thinkvantage System Update should automatically list it as an available download. It has to do with a problem with your particular Intel chipset.
    2a...where do I get the hotfix?

    3. If that doesn't do it, check the sound buttons on the laptop itself (located to the right of the Esc key) and make sure it's not muted. Note, however, those buttons won't work unless you have the software installed for them.
    3a...it's not muted lol, the speakers are plugged in correctly

    4. Make sure the speakers are plugged into the motherboard. The speakers are located at the front-lower end of the laptop.

    If it's under warranty, call support. Has sound worked before? What was the last thing you did before losing sound?

    By the way, it's a really bad idea to have your e-mail address as your username. You're begging for spam.
    It isn't under warranty, I had someone put XP on here and everything works right but the sound. And I have the no sound box at the bottom, so it's like there is not a driver for it or something.

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    Laptop has no sound whatsoever. Ok, it breaks down thusly:

    1) I'm on a DEADLINE. I have to find the magic fix within the next 15 hours or so.
    2) Laptop is an IBM Thinkpad T60.
    3) Fresh install of Windows XP Pro SP2.
    4) Have Googled the crap out of this to discover lots of people have the same problem.
    5) Installed this: http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/si...cid=MIGR-62855
    6) Installed this: http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/si...cid=MIGR-64133 (note 888111).
    7) Enabled System Sound in BIOS.
    8) Enabled modem in BIOS (believe it or not this has supposedly fixed the problem for some folks).
    9) Uninstalled and reinstalled driver again.

    There is a fresh install of xp pro sp2, i installed both of those things too, idk how to do #7 or 8, and I went to ibm.com/support and added those drivers, everything i thought would help to d/l I did.

    Maybe #7 or 8 could be the key...?

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    With all due respect, I don't understand how you expect us to help when you ignore half of what's asked you. For the third time:

    1. Speakers connected to mobo (will require opening case)?
    2. Thinkvantage update downloaded?
    3. Drivers installed?
    4. Hotfix installed (if XP)?
    5. Sound buttons doing anything?
    6. Did the speakers ever work?
    7. When did the speakers stop working?
    8. Do headphones provide sound when plugged in?

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    1. Speakers connected to mobo (will require opening case)? Yes they are connected.

    2. Thinkvantage update downloaded? yes I did it a couple of times, the only thing it really updated was adobe reader or 1 of those kinda things

    3. Drivers installed? I've installed those drivers again and again, the 2 that the other person said to also

    4. Hotfix installed (if XP)? I need to know how to do hotfix, I've never heard of it

    5. Sound buttons doing anything? When I press the up or down volume button, it lights up green, BUT no sound comes from it, unless I press too many buttons, then I get that error chirp.

    6. Did the speakers ever work? yes they did, worked perfectly fine

    7. When did the speakers stop working? Over the summer of 2007 I had a computer pro add vista to the laptop, everything worked fine, but I got tired of Vista not wanting to connect to any networks, SO I had him install XP back on here, and he tried all of this stuff already too, now I'm just trying to find the fix myself, which is why I'm asking for help, bc I know a little about computers, but nowhere near enough.
    8. Do headphones provide sound when plugged in? Headphones were plugged in and nothing came thru,

    Thanks for everyones help, I'm not ignoring what y'all say, I'm just doing what I can comprehend to do, anything I'm missing I need help on, which is why I came here, Especially with the hotfix, never heard of it

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    a hotfix is an update provided by microsoft fix various flaws in the OS and hardware etc... you can get them here

    LOGIN: yes
    PASSWORD: I dont have one
    "Login Failed"

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    Ok, now we're getting somewhere --

    First, uninstall any drivers you already have for sound.

    Then go to www.ibm.com, then support and downloads. You're going to have to run a search from there. What you want is
    Audio Features XI for Windows XP -- make sure it lists T60 as one of the models. That's the correct driver you want. 77a224ww.exe is the download name.

    Then do a search for and download
    Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) High Definition Audio class driver (Q888111) for Windows XP with Service Pack 2 -- I'm assuming you have XP up to SP2.

    Install both of those, reboot -- You should be back in business. "Should" as in this is a T60 and prone to headaches of sound problems, but probability's pretty good here this'll do the trick for you.
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    Sounds good, but the computer guy told me he as already done this, but I'm willing to give it a shot, how do I uninstall drivers?

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    OK, I went to device manager. I see Legacy audio drivers, is that what I'm looking for, and if so, I uninstall it, bc I only see 1. and what about audio codecs? I clicked audio driver and it says it's working properly. just a little fyi.

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    the computer guy told me he as already done this
    FYI, we tend to hate that "computer guy" term.

    He may have already done it, but I'd almost lay you money he either downloaded the wrong one or did it in the wrong order -- only saying this because that's what I did.

    So the idea here is to start fresh from scratch with drivers we know beyond a doubt are the ones you need.

    So just go into your Control Panel and Add/Remove programs, look for anything related to T60 audio. Nix it.

    Also right-click "My Computer" and go into Device Manager. Look for anything audio, and uninstall it.

    After that's done, download and install what I listed above, cross your fingers...and let's see what happens.

    Good luck!
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    hey I have to run to a closing,I am in real esate, so when I get back I can continue, thank you for your help, I'll change the terminology for him, lol, we'll call him PC PRO, tty n a little while, thanks again, be back about 4 check back then thank you soo much!

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