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    under the device manager--->system devices--->System Speaker, has no driver installed... could this be the problem?
    Yes, that should be it.

    But you installed the driver...briefly had sound...that confirmed the driver being there...and now it's suddenly not there?

    You have actually managed to find a weirder problem than I had!

    Kind of shots in the dark at this point, but up to trying to reinstall that audio driver again?

    As for BIOS, that's even odder...I KNOW it's supposed to be there.

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    error when reinstalling driver ^^^

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    Ok, I'm officially stumped.

    I'd say follow whatever Grand Master Nihil and Westin have to suggest next...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AngelicKnight

    Ok, I'm officially stumped.

    I'd say follow whatever Grand Master Nihil and Westin have to suggest next...
    dang, me too... oh well, the work will continue.

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    pm me the machine type, model and serial number, I should be able to point you in the right direction as far as drivers go...
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    Thumbs up Missing Plug and Play Software Device Enumerator? Manually reinstall SWENUM.INF


    I had a near-identical setup, and an identical problem. Now I have a solution!


    Go to settings > control panel > system > hardware > device manager > system devices

    If you cannot see "Plug and Play Software Enumerator", then this solution may work for you.

    If you can see "Plug and Play Software Enumerator", then this solution will not work for you.

    2) Check you have SWENUM.SYS and SWENUM.INF on your system

    I did a search of %windir% and its subfolders. Make sure you search hidden folders too.

    If you cannot find SWENUM.INF on your system, http://www.kfunigraz.ac.at/elsawww/T...INF/SWENUM.INF worked for me. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

    3) Control pannel > Add hardware > 'Yes I have already connected...' > Add a new hardware device (at the bottom of the list) > Install manually > System devices > Have disk...

    Browse to your copy of SWENUM.INF and doubleclick.

    Under Microsoft, you should now see "Plug and Play Software Component Enumerator" (or it's equivalent in german if you used the copy linked above).

    Select this. Follow the remaining steps to install it.

    4) That's it.

    I did not even need to reboot. But I did it anyway. Because I like pissing my life away.

    - I don't know why this works
    - I don't know why PnP Software Enumerator would suddenly disappear
    - Make sure you take system restore points and backups etc.

    Hope this helps some folks.

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    Hi guys,

    Was hoping you could help me with my same audio with my T60 I purchased off eBay. Looks like the previous owner re-installed XP using a disk. The audio does not work at all.

    I tried installing kb888111xp2en and then the audio drivers from Lenovo both by downloading from the site and using the System Updater. I can get all drivers successfully installed both way, and there are no ! points in the device manager, but the sound won't play at all. When I go to Control Panel --> Sounds and Audio Devices it says "No Audio Device" and everything is grayed out.

    I also went into the BIOS as was suggested, but have the same problem that there just isn't an option for Audio anywhere in my Config in the BIOS.

    Machine type is 2007-46U. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    UPDATE: I tried everything in this thread and couldn't get it working.

    I then came across this other thread and the user had the same symptoms as I did: http://forums.lenovo.com/lnv/board/p...=1&format=page

    The last post, from a kind German, said that he upgraded to SP3 and that fixed the sound issue. I tried it, and although the sound didn't come back upon installation of SP3, IT DID COME BACK after I uninstalled and then reinstalled the Audio Features XI for Windows XP from the Lenovo site.

    I tried uninstalling/re-installing this same package under XP SP2 and the sound never worked. I don't know what SP3 changed, but I have sound again and I hope this solution helps someone else.

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    We recently had a snobby customer service rep (slave) from ATT that complained about sound coming out the desktop rather than the plugged headphones. ATT doesn't allow 3rd party software but attacking IT. Instead of rebuilding the machine, I just installed Divx drivers and codecs. Sometimes corporations disable DVD playback......easy fix. Default mute is also your silent enemy.

    That's why you stay away from proprietary equipment. The engineers figure they could discontinue the notebook at anytime...including those old drivers you are using.

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