A while back I posted inquiring about why my Netgear Rangemax router would be timing out. Basically, if I'm visiting certain sites like Myspace, or am uploading or downloading files, my router sometimes locks up and times out. My computer still shows me connected, all the lights are on, and everything seems ok, but my router and modem have to be reset to work. When I moved, I got a new cable provider, but still notice the same problem. I've tried moving the router location, have since installed vista, and keep having the same problem.

My question is, what is happening and why? Is this characteristic of a router gone bad, or am I simply trying to pump too much data through the router? Ie. myspace is code intensive, so all the crap causes it to lock up??

I would like some good suggestions on a new affordable router to buy. Would upgrading to wireless N help?

Oh, and I've already been told to not use myspace, so that won't help me. I use it for my band, and anyone in one, knows how valuable that horrid site can be...