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    Netgear Router Timeouts a pain

    A while back I posted inquiring about why my Netgear Rangemax router would be timing out. Basically, if I'm visiting certain sites like Myspace, or am uploading or downloading files, my router sometimes locks up and times out. My computer still shows me connected, all the lights are on, and everything seems ok, but my router and modem have to be reset to work. When I moved, I got a new cable provider, but still notice the same problem. I've tried moving the router location, have since installed vista, and keep having the same problem.

    My question is, what is happening and why? Is this characteristic of a router gone bad, or am I simply trying to pump too much data through the router? Ie. myspace is code intensive, so all the crap causes it to lock up??

    I would like some good suggestions on a new affordable router to buy. Would upgrading to wireless N help?

    Oh, and I've already been told to not use myspace, so that won't help me. I use it for my band, and anyone in one, knows how valuable that horrid site can be...

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    I would first make sure it does the same thing on another computer to make sure it is the router. Then the next thing I would try is updating the firmware on the router because there might be a known bug in it...

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    I took your suggestions and tried to replicate the behavior with another laptop. No timeouts at all. However, I only tested for a limited period of time, and as I said before, it's not always an issue. It usually happens when a web page takes a long time to load and I refresh, or I'm uploading a project to my web server while watching youtube or something. It seems like the router just stops responding, although it's working and appears connected. A network repair does nothing.

    Could this have to do with my intel pro wireless card? I have searched for updated drivers/firmware and have found nothing..

    I've been looking at linksys routers, but am not sure what I should do. I have to reboot at least once a day.

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    I have a new dlink Rangebooster N which Santa brought....and it makes a HUGE difference in my wireless connection...I used to have timeouts all the time with the wireless dlink router.....also...I have a new super duper wireless NIC in my lappy...

    Maybe a combo of things....

    Do the timeouts happen when plugged into the router...or just when wireless.??

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    Well if you still decide to replace it, I recently got a Buffalo WHR-G125 and put DD-WRT on it, its pretty awesome, you can boost the performance of it and have a lot more functionality that you wouldnt normally have in a low-end router.

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