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    Hi dddc, belated Happy New Year, I hope you and yours are all well.

    The load decides the power demand not the source. The power supply rating is the maximum sustained load the power supply can provide. You could put a 1000 watt power supply on there and nothing's going to happen unless you short something, then you could arc-weld.
    I agree entirely, except that I would prefer 3000w for arc-welding

    I think the confusion might be that it is pretty difficult to find a PSU in micro ATX format that is more than 300w. I think the reason for that is that the form factor doesn't support expansion that would require more, so manufacturers don't make them?


    And another thing, slightly off topic:

    My desktop computer is about 8 years old, 567 Mhz 192MB RAM running Windows XP
    Not good IMO. A machine of that age will be using PC133 SDR at best.
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