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    How to get windows binaries onto my linux system


    i have opensuse 10.2 and im trying to use wine and or cedega. but im extremely new to linux.

    i figured out pretty much everything i know soo far on my own but im having a real tough time trying to allow windows programs.

    could anyone please walk me through this? im willing to donate 20 bucks if someone will step by step walk me through putting something on my computer to allow for windows programs.

    thanks in advance.

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    You just have to use Wine. Wine isnt perfect but it supports a lot of things if it is compiled right all you have to do is run the executable ./filename.exe works

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    well believe me if it was as simple for me as executing a file i would be done already.

    but its not... apparently i have to install the scripts/shells/binaries then from there i have to throw my exe's in a certain folder and blah blah blah foreign language blah blah blahh.

    i need help on installing wine and or cedega.

    or maybe im doing it wrong? i went to the wine website =/ i dont see how i could get a wrong compiled version

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    i used cedega in the early stages theres a software supplement for it which helps alot called vine or something helps you manage your games and all that just cehck out the cedega site and oh yeah have u got the free version or the commercial version because there are sligh differences if i remeber correctly

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