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    Someone Trying to Use My E-mail

    Hello everyone I don't consider myself unsecured in this online world, but somehow something is going slightly wrong now.

    Apparently someone has been trying to use my e-mail address on sites. Recently ive been getting "Reset Password" forms from WindowsLive, which i use for Xbox Live and a few other things of course.

    At first i dismissed it, thought it was just someone trying to get my xbox live account info. But tonight they registered at Match.com using my e-mail address!! Now there was no "Confirm Your E-mail" just the whole quick and simple "Welcome To Match.com" e-mail. It has me worried as all hell now that someone is trying to fraudulently use that e-mail. I so far have changed my windows live e-mail addy and stopped using that e-mail for everything i can think of.

    I would cancel the gmail account but i don't know what else i use it for. I have changed all my passwords and made them longer and strong. What else should i do? Or should i stop worrying myself to death over this XD

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    Hello Evans~ and welcome to AO.

    I don't really know the answer to your question as I don't know anything about you or your environment. Like are you in a school or college?

    My first thought would be that if someone is out to pull your chain or get you, they will be pretty close, and you know eachother.

    The two incidents may be unrelated, as the first sounds like a phishing attempt to me?

    As for the e-mail, please try this little test for me:

    1. Log onto the net and bring up Google search.
    2. Type in your e-mail address.
    3. That will show you how much you "leak" and how likely that a harvester bot will find you. No hits means this is up close and personal.

    "Match.com" sounds like some sort of dating agency to me? they must have sent you the account details with the confirmation right? so log in and change the account password and reminder

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    "Match.com" sounds like some sort of dating agency to me?
    Yep Nihil, that's right -- Match.com's one of the two most popular ones.

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    AK, Now how would you know that?

    I guess our friend is having his chain pulled, or about to be, using a site like that?

    Hence my suggestion to take control of it if he can. Otherwise I would suggest he contacts "abuse" at the site and gets the account closed.


    I was serious about the Google search........... I just did it with mine and got zero hits.
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    because they plaster it all over our television here, nih.

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