Hello everyone I don't consider myself unsecured in this online world, but somehow something is going slightly wrong now.

Apparently someone has been trying to use my e-mail address on sites. Recently ive been getting "Reset Password" forms from WindowsLive, which i use for Xbox Live and a few other things of course.

At first i dismissed it, thought it was just someone trying to get my xbox live account info. But tonight they registered at Match.com using my e-mail address!! Now there was no "Confirm Your E-mail" just the whole quick and simple "Welcome To Match.com" e-mail. It has me worried as all hell now that someone is trying to fraudulently use that e-mail. I so far have changed my windows live e-mail addy and stopped using that e-mail for everything i can think of.

I would cancel the gmail account but i don't know what else i use it for. I have changed all my passwords and made them longer and strong. What else should i do? Or should i stop worrying myself to death over this XD