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    That Pesky Xbox 360

    I want to see how AOers deal with this one as opposed to the rest of the world.

    Ok, so the 360 is riddled with a history of problems. We all know that, so I'll cut to the chase --

    How do you take care of your 360? How do you avoid or keep problems to a minimum?

    From what I've researched, there are various suggestions out there, some obviously contradicting others, such as these two:

    1) Set the 360 horizontally. The disc drive is known to be noisy and has a bad habit of scratching disks in some cases. Sitting it vertically removes this problem.

    2) Set the 360 vertically. Setting it horizontally covers more surface area and thus adds to the overheating problem. Setting it vertically helps ventilation.

    My old 360 did fine disc-wise, wasn't even noisy, but after the red circle of death and a trip to M$, my refurbished replacement came in, and its drive has been rather noisy ever since, which has concerned me -- I'm really wondering if it's just going to up and eat a disc one of these days, though for the past few months, so far so good.

    The other oddity is that this one's drive hangs when you press the open/close tray button. I have to press down on the tray with my finger after pressing the button to get it to release and open. Not a big deal, but curious. My previous one opened and closed normally.

    So my theory at the moment is I need to figure out a way to lay it horizontal, but elevated, so that I have best of both worlds for the disk drive and ventilation. Don't know how I'm going to pull that off just yet, but I'm turning gears over the idea...

    So what about AO 360 owners? What have you learned, and how do you keep yours running smoothly?
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    I noticed that keeping mine horizontal seems to help heat dissipation.

    Other than that, I make sure it's not in a boxed in space to that the heat can freely escape. If I'm playing in a hot room (80+), I blow on the top of it with a fan. (This fixed my "Disk unreadable" error that I got this summer when I played in very hot weather with no AC.)

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    I have to agree - horizontal - with a little something under the unit to get the cooling vents off of whatever surface you have it on.

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    Cool, that's exactly what I was suspecting...

    Hmm, so I need to think of a way to elevate horizontally without it looking crap.

    Time to hit the drawing board!

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    I treat my 360 like a redheaded step child. Seriously, I bought it from a friend at a good price so i didn't question it's origin. Unfortunately when the circle of death showed up is when i noticed the serial had been scrubbed off the back. So with no option to send it in to MS, i ripped that beyatch open and stuck a 3 penny stack on each of the 4 ram chips, twiddled with the screw tightness on the X clamps and she's bangin on all 4 cylinders again. been rockin my 12 pennies for about 4 months now, keep it vertical and haven't had any problems with it...

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    I've had my 360 for maybe about 2 months now - I don't play it massive amounts of time (maybe a few times a week unless I go on a game binge). I keep it vertical, and other than quite a loud noise coming from the fans I haven't had any problems (any even that doesn't bother me).

    I've touched the side of it after playing for a good few hours and it didn't seem amazingly hot. Never had any problems with cooling - although I do live in Glasgow.


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    1. Buy 4 bottles of JD and one tube of superglue.
    2. Drink the JD
    3. Try to find the X-Box
    4. Having sobered up, reserve the bottle caps and recycle the bottles
    5. Superglue the bottle caps to the X-Box. It now has 4 "feet"

    You can do the same sort of thing with wine corks......... just use liquid shoe polish to make them look "professional" You will also need a ruler and a sharp knife to slice them to size

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    do a whois search on my ip...
    One of the main things Microsoft (tried to) fix was the heat problem from the original xbox. They added ventilation to the sides and the back (when it is horizontal that is). Unfortunately for the most part, they failed... My cousin received the RCD (red circle of death) went out and bought a couple computer fans they made special for the 360, and hasn't had a problem again; besides the noise of course.

    I do like most, and keep the ventilation to a max, don't have it close to anything and it runs fine.
    Alot of artistic people out there will open it up and do some pretty cool things with the casing!

    For more information, the best site/forum for xbox's is xbox-scene.com...
    (I am not sure about any files on there so always scan)

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    I don't know where you heard that, but the original xbox had no heating issues that I know of. Every one I know that had an xbox never had any issues at all, everyone with a 360 has. I would say that M$ was not really thinking about heat, they thought some airflow from a few fans would suffice, which it does not. If overheating was a forthought, they would have made better heatsyncs, don't ya think?

    nihil, GREAT tutorial on making xbox legs. I will definatly follow your tutorial if I ever buy a 360. Maybe you should beef it up and post it on xbox-scene
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    do a whois search on my ip...
    I didn't mean the big black bulky thing that microsoft first came out with, I meant the first wave of 360's to hit the market...

    Sorry for the confussion cross

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