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    Ran it two nights horizontal now...

    Interestingly enough, the disk tray opens right up with a press of the button most of the time now, with one exception. So far I don't have to really tap on it to get it to open.

    Bottom was a little warm after a couple hours play, but I haven't had the chance to rig up a means of elevating it (or trying Nihil's advice ).

    I haven't given it the proper test to see if it freezes after a few hours, but so far it's running pretty well.

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    you could always get a laptop cooler/aluminum stand with fans.
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    I think I may just look into that...

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    nyko makes one, it costs though
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    Gotta link by any chance?

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    I got a Halo Special Edition one for Christmas, and I've been wondering for a while what that freaking noise was (at first I thought it was the fans, then I kept reading it was the DVD drive). I run mine horizontally (I can't bring myself to having a DVD spin vertically), and I did notice last time I was at Best Buy that they're selling a whole bunch of XBox cooling systems - stuff like this: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage....=1186006783486

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    Quote Originally Posted by nihil

    1. Buy 4 bottles of JD and one tube of superglue.
    2. Drink the JD
    3. Try to find the X-Box
    4. Having sobered up, reserve the bottle caps and recycle the bottles
    5. Superglue the bottle caps to the X-Box. It now has 4 "feet"

    You can do the same sort of thing with wine corks......... just use liquid shoe polish to make them look "professional" You will also need a ruler and a sharp knife to slice them to size
    ROFL! I am definately going to pull that when I finally get one
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    Ah yes, I'm very familiar with the Nyko one, and it wasn't at all expensive last I saw it. However, I keep reading on various sites that you should steer clear of it, because it leeches power off the xbox, resulting in other problems, because it plugs between the console and the power cable, thus not allowing enough power to reach the box.

    Not sure how true that is, but given I keep bumping into that report, I figure there has to be some validity to the claim.

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    do a whois search on my ip...
    Yeah I am not sure about the ones that go between the actual power source and the box... I would say if your going to use a xbox fan, use the usb ports to power it!

    I figure that the usb ports are already figured into the system so using them "shouldn't" hurt, but to use the ones that go between the power source and the box; that is not configured into the system... sounds like problems to me.

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