Hey guys

I was asked at work to put a harddrive into another machine, I thought this was all routine until I opened up box A which is a Pentium2 and found a Sata drive in it! It had an expansion card for the sata drive.

Now Box B [Intel D815EFV-D815EPFV] where the sata HDD must go doesnt seem to boot up. I put in the same expansion card from A into box B and plugged all in the same.

I am not too familar with sata drives so forgive me if I sound abit noobish

Now when I turn on the PC I get a "BIOS is not installed" even though I can go into BIOS.

Eventually I get a "Drive not found - System Halted" message and that is as far as it gets.

Now how does it work with the expansion card - how do I install it in order for the sata drive to work. Or must I configure it some other way.

Thank you.