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    edit screw it here's a brief description of what this thing was able to do..

    Hard Drive Killer Pro

    The Hard Drive Killer Pro series of programs offer one the ability to fully and permanently destroy all data on any given Dos or Win3.x/9x/NT/2000 based system. In other words, 90% of the computers world wide.

    The program, once executed, will start eating up the hard drive, and/or infect and reboot the hard drive within a few seconds. After rebooting, all hard drives attached to the system would be formatted (in an unrecoverable manner) within only 1 to 2 seconds, irregardless of the size of the hard drive. The program has reported to have caused physical damage to some hard drives (on many occasions). However, the program was not in any way designed to cause physical damage, only data. The outcome of the program depends on the version you download. We suggest you download the full HDKP 4.0 version. Then, once you are familiar with HDKP, you may experiment with HDKP 5.0 Beta.
    So it was built to kill the drive, thus making the drive appear smaller and smaller over time until there was nothing left.

    Oh and if any skiddie's are getting ideas, then feel free to search google and download what ever you can find.

    The files that are still floating around have been messed with.
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    Yea, I just had no clue how exactly it did this so fast. And considering how slow the machine was, I had no idea how it pulled this off. The app I had, I'm not sure how it worked or if it was HDKP or not. I had no idea what it was but my friend said be careful and don't ever open it, it was just for my collection. I had put it on the floppy and so I do still have it, but as I said I'm really not sure what it was.

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    ahh, memories, reminds me of anti-exe's and deltrees
    There were a few diff virus's from back in the day that supposidly infected bios or some low level part of the system, and would survive an OS re-install. They would fill the HD up, but I am not sure how they worked.

    Do hard drives have firmware to speak of? Like what tells the OS the size and all of that good stuff. Is it possible this program "flashed" the hard drive to mess up its internal programming?

    Ok, so i'm talking out of my ass, but its still an interesting theory....
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    Quote Originally Posted by t34b4g5
    Oh the memory's.
    the full name of the app is Hard Drive Killer Pro. It was a very very destructive trojan back in the day.

    it had more then one use. I should still have a mirror of the original site with all the info.

    I'll find what i can Gore and i'll send you a pm when done..

    pm too please thanks

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    there are new "programs" of those that everyone should watch out for like dban,webroot windows washer 5,killdisk etc.etc...

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    Filling up a harddrive will fook any system......

    Has nothing to do with the BIOS

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    there are new "programs" of those that everyone should watch out for like dban,webroot windows washer 5,killdisk etc.etc...
    Those are legitimate tools that I use regularly?

    gore, I want one! I am PMing you an e-mail...........BTW, how is married life?


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    All the program would have to do is corrupt the partition
    table with bogus numbers, and the drive would appear
    to be smaller than it really is, but fdisk should be able
    to correct that, but maybe not the lame fdisk that
    comes with the M'soft OS. Booting from a floppy,
    you could use debug to clear the MBR. A Linux installer
    should have been able to properly fdisk the drive.

    I doubt it flashed the firmware. I don't think HD firmware is
    flashable, no need. Did you ever experiment with the drive by slaving
    it to another machine? Do you still have it? Couldn't have been more
    than about 4- 500 megs, maybe a gig back in win95 days.
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost879
    there are new "programs" of those that everyone should watch out for like dban,webroot windows washer 5,killdisk etc.etc...
    what the heck is wrong with these? some of these have legit purposes to wipe the drive. I use dban all the time to wipe drives that I've 'obtained'.

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    Unfortunately no I no longer have the drive itself, which is why it bothers me so much, as by now I'd have booted up a Slackware disk on it to see what I could do with more apps to use, basically two years after it happened I gave it to my friend's Dad to toy with, and I just kept the RAM, when I have a desktop set up in here (We're still doing some work in the tech room so my machines other than my laptop are still at my Mom's house) I'll grab that floppy too and zip the file to prevent anything happening like what happened to my machine, and send it to a few people who want it with a warning to make sure no one opens it by accident on a work machine or a non test machine.

    If anyone can figure out this thing, I'd be amazed, it was to quick for me to tell what happened and my hand was already next to the power button shutting it off and it was already done I think.

    If I had a box to toss out I'd just run it myself but sadly, I don't have any spares right now.

    anyway, just remember once I have the file ready, BE CAREFUL! I'm not sure if AV picks it up or not because the last time I checked to see if the floppy worked, I didn't have any running because it's all I have left of my collection and didn't want it popping up every 3 seconds.

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