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    Yep return it if you have the receipt... I have the same router and it works great

    ...did you hard reset...like push in the reset pin on the back with a paperclip for 15 seconds??

    can you access the web interface of the router at all??

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    Besides what MLF suggested you do - you must always go through a surge protector if you havent
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    Yeah, just to echo what everyone's saying here, it does indeed sound fried. You absolutely, positively MUST plug them into a surge protector, not the wall outlet.

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    not forgetting surge protectors only work ONCE
    replace em after every electrical storm
    and ideally, every couple of years no matter what

    it all depends on how much value you put on your data / PC ?
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    When you did the hard reset, does the wireless shut off (the blue lights in the blue dot turn off)? If nothing happens, then I think you're SOL. If they did shutoff, did you try the install disc to see if that would get it working?

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