I have XP Pro SP2 which is fully updated. I use a limited account for general use and have disabled fast switching.

If I want to make any configuration changes or examine anything which requires Admin rights, I either shift-right click or open a CMD screen (using "runas /user:<Admin name> cmd") and then run the appropriate .exe, .cpl etc.

I've noticed that I can access Control Panel applets in this way except Network Connections (to gain access to TCP/IP properties etc.). Is there any way to access this from a limited user account? If not, what's special about this? I can access Administrative Tools, Security Centre, Windows Firewall, User Accounts etc. in this way but it's infuriating that I can't access Network Connections. The Security settings for ncpa.cpl are such that my limited account can Read & Execute.

I know that I can get at what I want using the command line (netsh interface ...) but it's not quite as easy as using the GUI.

Thanks for your time.