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Thread: UNIX help

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    UNIX help

    hi i'm new to unix and can someone tell me what is doing this
    line in the ed editor in unix? I wrote it in ed but nothing happend!10x

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    All newbies must learn man, man man for more info

    I don't get the last p bit?!?

    g/<something>/ means print lines that contain <something>. ^ is the start of a line. { is just the karakter {. So g/^{/ means print all lines that begin with {.

    A . (dot) means current addres or line and -1 well.. ehm

    so if test.txt contains:
    { here
    there {
    >ed test.txt
    { here
    there {
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    10x man :} -1 and p i know what they mean,about man u r absolutely right

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