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    Windows Backup Automatic Restoration error. 0x8007007A

    Like the title states.

    "The data area passed to a system call is too small." 0x8007007A

    Windows Vista Home Premium 32b
    Using Windows backup and restore center.
    WD External HDD (wd3200c032-002)

    HP Pavilion dv6500t CTO machine (Custom to Order)


    Customer called in with this error while I was on my weekend off, and this got left on my keyboard. So, I'm looking into it.

    So far research has suggested that the filepath of the nested backups seems to be too deep, which is causing a lot of grief.

    I'm still looking into it, and if/when I find the answer, I'll share it.

    Would appreciate anyone else that may know something to point me at to share Thanks!

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    Not sure about Vista but this might work for XP:

    1. Run msconfig.
    2. Under General, select "Selective Startup".
    3. Under Services, select "Hide all Microsoft Services"
    then disable all 3rd party services.
    4. Reboot.
    5. Verify that the error no longer occurs. If the error
    still occurs then this solution will not work.
    6. Run msconfig.
    7. Under General, select "Normal Startup".
    8. Under Services, select "Hide all Microsoft Services"
    then enable all 3rd party services.

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    We'll give that a try.

    Appreciate that

    The error code appears to be a catch all code, I can't pin it to anything specific in my research.

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