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Thread: trojan.wimad.a

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    Hi westin,

    I have been using it since back in the days of PIIs and Windows 98

    Back then, HDDs were very small, RAM was slow and expensive, and you had to manage your resources much more carefully.

    It actually came out as a "system optimisation tool" but over the years I have seen it develop enhanced privacy and anti-malware capabilities.

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    What's this tool you speak of, and how in the world have I somehow missed the apparent kagillion times you've suggested it?

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    nihil, wasn't ccleaner originally crap cleaner?
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    Hi westin,

    Yes, it used to be "Crap Cleaner" and is now maintained by a UK outfit called Piriform.

    They have a blog: http://www.piriform.com/blog

    I haven't tried the file defragmenter, but the recovery tool (Recuva) seems OK (I have only tried it on Win2000 and XP)


    I don't know how you missed it other than that you seem to reimage rather than repair? I don't have that option very often, so I use CC to give me a level playing field.

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    you seem to reimage rather than repair?
    Yes, you're right on the money there. That's pretty much the attitude of the IT department where I work...if the solution takes too long to find, backup and reimage. We have an Altiris Deployment Server where everything's automated...plug the troubling box in, click a couple of things on the Altiris console, then everything else from reimaging to program reinstallation is all automated soon as the server sends the box a wake-on-lan signal. Copy backuped data back over, send back to user, move on with day.

    I've only been here a little over two months. It's a rather different take on things for me, given the last place I worked, reimaging was the last option.

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    I agree that it speeds up the process of troubleshooting which can take from a few mins to days. How are people supposed to know what went wrong and how to fix it if its just plugged in and reimaged ... I suppose in a big corporation is would minimize downtime to a certasin extent but I like to know how to fix the problemo ...
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    Oh, as do I, but I don't exactly have that option in my position...

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    don't forget CCleaner also ha a basic registry checker / cleaner built in
    and under tools, it will show a list of progs it is able to uninstall, and a startup list too
    not just a bat file any more
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