Hi AO's

I have recently bought a laptop and has Vista Home Premium installed in it

Configuration: as
120 GD HDD
Dual Core 1.6 Gig Intel Pentium

I check in the system
and i found that

i have two drives in it
C Drive = 50 GB
D Drive = 50 GB

out of which C Drives is occupied with OS taking space of 9 GB

when i did chkdsk in cmd i found it has "111.11 GB"

knowledge i require is

it says to come with 120 GB but it is with 111.11 GB is the other 9 GB gone bcoz of the partition? (Where is my 9 GB)

Finally i have 111.11 GB with me
But finally my Total Drive calculation is only 100 GB
Is that the space required by Vista for recovery?
(Where is my 11.11GB)

Thx for ur relply