OK seriously, does ANYONE here have, or ever seen an SGI? I've been drooling for 2 hours at these workstations online, and no prices are listed, no software that comes with any of these workstations, sent an email, no clue if it went through, and it's driving me up the wall...

I know one member got an Octane a while back and posted pics of it, but I REALLY would love some info here. So:

If you have used an SGI machine, what was it like?

When you buy one, what kind of software does it come with? I saw a small list and most of the apps I've never heard of let alone seen, and I know already it comes with a lot of media tools, but does SGI have any software for like, say, mail, web surfing, daily tasks and things of that nature? I mean if I manage to find one and somehow afford it, I would like to know what I'll be able to use the thing for...

I do know you can get both IRIX and Linux, and I also know IRIX isn't going to be supported in a few years, and no I don't care, I want IRIX anyway, I haven't ever gotten to use it, and as far as I know, an SGI is the ONLY way to do so.

I know the processor is MIPS and I've never used one of those either, does anyone here have a box with one? Are they as good as the marketing info says?

Also, I do in fact understand this isn't a machine you buy to play pong or load up software for PCs on and that they're VERY expensive high end professional machines. I know that, but the fact remains, one day, I'm going to buy one after we have things around here finished up, (we're also buying a Sparc, though that purchase is WAY cheaper) and I really just want to check what kind of machine I'm drooling on and what people do with it other than special effects for movies.

I know they have audio software as well, but I can't find specs on that either really, and I'd like to know more about that as well.

I know IRIX is a UNIX variant so I'm assuming most things made for UNIX for the web surfing and email and things I asked about would work, but my question there was mostly along the lines of "Does SGI have apps for those that they make or distribute that you don't find on anything else?".

I saw something about "outbox" but you can imagine what searching for that on google is gonna bring up lol.

IF you have an SGI or access to one or h ave ever used one, I'd LOVE some info on these.

If it matters I was looking mostly at the Tezro, but also at the Fuel and Octane machines.