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Thread: Not killbox, but...

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    Try this one...

    "Stupid word filter"

    The site is life wear fishnetser
    I add an instant file shredder to my Windows desktop using the SDelete utility, available freely from Sysinternals. Save the SDelete.exe in your C:\WINDOWS\system32 directory. Add the following text to a new text document: @echo off echo .* * *W A R N I N G * * * echo . echo .The File(s)/Folders(s) Will Be Permanently Deleted! echo . echo .Press CTRL-C to Abort and Terminate Batch Job Or... echo . pause sdelete -p 4 -s %1 pause Save the file as "shred.bat" on your desktop right next to your Recycling Bin. Now just drag and drop those sensitive files onto the icon to make them disappear forever!
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    Word filter: "wear fishnets" = "h-a-c-k-o-r" minus the "-".

    I'm still pushing to change to "fluffy bunny".

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    Is it? wear fishnetsor

    So it is! must be just looking for the first part

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    did you also search the registry for the file name that you were having trouble with? A lot of times these replicating files bury themselves in the registry. You need to make sure you remove it from RunOnce too.

    I would delete all files in the prefetch
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    close plz

    this issue was resolved plz close thread... thanks all

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