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    Quote Originally Posted by nihil
    Neither suggestion is in the least bit practical. These guys are a commercial organisation and the only people with the resources to DoS them are those with bot armies, who are themselves criminals. It isn't going to happen.

    Again, give what these guys are up to and host, don't you think that their resources are going to be totally locked down?


    Your statement about bot armies is not entirely true. I have a Huge 100,000 + bot army; and I am not a criminal - a more precise label would be idiot! Let me splain. With one simple command I can launch a major attack on any system anywhere on the planet.

    Unfortunately I forgot the command.

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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! Ok, that got me.

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    That reminds me of the "Hold the ALT and F4 keys to launch a denial of service attack" signature I had. Maybe that was the command.

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