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    Hello folks. . .

    and thanks for visiting my forums!


    A little bit about me. . .I failed out of college the first go round, so now, while working a full-time+ job, I'm headed to community college to get back in the saddle. Going to start out with some sys admin and network admin classes and see where they take me. (No calculus to worry about this time ) I've been screwing with computers since I can remember, but lack any kind of formal training. . .I'm hoping the new knowledge can catapult me into a more fitting work environment

    Anyway, see ya around the forums!

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    Hello and welcome to AO,

    I had to do calculus at college as well.............. never used it for anything then or since

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    Welcome to the forums !

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    do a whois search on my ip...
    Luckily for me I got Calculus out of the way in high school =)

    welcome to AO, just a quick question: what is your plan for the classes? (what career field are you planning on going into?)

    I just ask because I find it easier when I have a set plan, for instance I am majoring in Computer Science and minoring in criminal justice, because I want to work for the government in catching computer criminals. (my grandpa's best friend just retired from the CIA and that was his job, is helping me with my goals)

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    Thanks for the welcomes, all

    re: the classes. . .it shouldn't take me long to get my A.S. Network Admin from the CC I'm attending (got all my core done in my first go-round), so I'm just going to get my feet under me. After that, hopefully, I'll continue taking night/online classes at the local 4-year state school until a Bachelors presents itself. Then, I don't know. I do know that I like computers and networks (possessed as they may be) more than the public-at-large, so hopefully something behind the scenes.

    They're also offering a couple of CISCO classes that I'm going to take advantage of. Even if I can just get a solid knowledge base for myself I'll be happy. Computer/network security has intrigued me for the longest time but I never really pursued it. Ideally I would get to leave my current "job" for a new career Just don't tell my boss. . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadlySirius
    Just don't tell my boss. . .
    LOL! Welcome to AO!
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    Haha - Welcome to AO.
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