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Thread: somebody really annoying me

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    Thats not true...

    You could upload images and other files into threads....and they would be linked also in your profile

    Really? Don't remember that...I know you could upload and link to files...and I remember you could post a jpg. gif. link that would take you to the pict ...but I really don't remember ever seeing an actual image in someone's post.

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    your was link...

    although not to Photo Bucket or Image Shack

    I think these blond highlights I am using to hide the grey is starting to affect my brain

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    If you want to be rude, then just be rude to me huh?

    Being a Limey, I wouldn't understand, so it won't matter

    Yeah, we used to be able to post pictures MLF........... remember I posted a few funny ones of my cats?

    Back then we had about 1.2Mb of attachments?


    blond highlights I am using to hide the grey
    I will log in and let Eileen talk with you...... she has red (grey) hair
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    I was just going to get back on track to the original post. As you can see, they are on private network. The only way that the attacks could be coming in is if he either use port forwarding, port triggering or originated the traffic. My first guess was bittorrent.

    Solution: Go into norton's properties and OK those ports (or application) to continue using bittorrent more efficiently and effectively. If you're blocking other's connection attempts, you're not being a good seeder/leecher. Your download performance is going to suffer because of this.
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    you're not being a good seeder/leecher
    I love that description....

    How true.

    Had a rogue (personal) laptop recently plugged into a router running this program.......which....severely degraded out internet connection.

    Found it and unpluged it....slapped the engineer....hes lucky it wasnt a company machine.

    all is better now....also disconnected what we call "guest" connections to the router....they have to request one now.

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    How people treat you is their karma- how you react is yours-Wayne Dyer

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    The warnings are coming from I would automatically drop its credibility to 50%.

    Its probably just someone scanning a whole IP range...rather than just your computer. I wouldn't worry much about it....unless you see another 200 warnings by sunrise. I'm with SirDice on this...its probably norton being norton, and tripping over itself.

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