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Thread: DSMOD Groups

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    DSMOD Groups

    ok I am using server 2003 I keep getting a error on this syntax, saying the user is not part of the local group but he is. Here is the syntax:

    dsmod group "cn=da,ou=jerry,dc=chinettech,dc=com" -rmmbr "cd=jbdl,ou-jerry,dc=chinettech,dc=com" -addmbr "cn=jerrydl,ou=jerry,dc=chinettech,dc=com"

    Does anybody see anthing wrong with this or have any other idea on modifying groups using DSMOD?
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    dsmod group "cn=da,ou=jerry,dc=chinettech,dc=com" -rmmbr "cd=jbdl,ou-jerry,dc=chinettech,dc=com" -addmbr "cn=jerrydl,ou=jerry,dc=chinettech,dc=com"
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