Password reset utility for XP pro on a Macbook.
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Thread: Password reset utility for XP pro on a Macbook.

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    Password reset utility for XP pro on a Macbook.

    Does anyone know any password reset tools for XP pro running in Boot Camp on a MacBook? I am a Mac Support Specialist. Someone brought in an MacBook with Windows installed. They forgot their password of course. I tried EBCD with no luck.

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    If its XP Home...boot into safe default the admin password is blank

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    in XP Pro
    if you are at the login screen and it is the one where the user clicks on their own icon
    ctrl-alt-del twice, will pull up the 'proper' login screen
    again, admin password is generally left blank

    but don't forget to try the obvious too :


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    Does this work on MacBooks?
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    As long as it can see the partition there is no reason it shouldnt.

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