I was just thumbing through the latest 2600 and came across the article on decoding experts exchange. The author realized that the solutions were rot-13 encoded and provided a quick hack to unfuxor them back to plain engrish. Following the article was an editorial note about the site switching the rot-13 encoded solutions, now you'll just find notes about how the answers are available to premium subscribers.

Well sir, for those of us who enjoy free access to information, here's a solution:

Open Firefox -> Navigate to about:config -> change “general.useragent.extra.firefox” to “Googlebot 2.1”

Now you've transformed yourself (less the Transformer movie effects) into the Googlebot which can see all the solutions in their original form.

This trick works on a variety of sites that operate in a similar way. Why? Cuz if the almighty Google spider can't see the answers (or whatever you're trying to get to) then all those keywords in the solutions/text don't get indexed and their site would be burried 20 pages back in the results. But they want money, money, money, moooney .... Mooooonayyyy!! so they let Google in for free. Funny how these sites' greed subsequently leads to their rapeage...