----Background information-------------------------
I disabled internet access to my brothers wireless card in a computer that he was using and he decided, while I was asleep, to take my laptop and use it to get online...here's the problem. After restarting the computer and discovering that It was blocked with a password. He decided to take one of the ubuntu disk I have lying around, and installed Ubuntu on my laptop. (which is totally awesome, but he really picked the wrong time to experiment with linux)

So I woke up this morning and he shutdown the laptop and started smiling before I could see the screen. I turned it on and was horrified when I saw the ubuntu login window. All I could think about was the data I had lost...ipod videos that had not finished being converted, the Azureus downloads that hadn't finished downloading...the bookmarks I had saved for the upcomming IT talent search competition at the local Tech University...just a lot of data that had value to me.

He wouldn't tell me the password or username so I popped in BT3 and took care of that issue (his password was 1 character).

Next I had to deal with the issue of recovering the lost data. The problem I know have is that I don't know how to recover data from a formatted hard drive.
-----------End of Background Info---------------

---Actual Question-----------------
I was originally running windows XP with an NTFS formatted hard drive. the hard drive is now formatted as EXT3. I tried to run ntfsundelete and that didn't work, and I have no idea how to use foremost yet. But now I'm wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to recover data from a hard disk that's been formatted to a different file system than the on where the "deleted" files are.