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    How To Manage Solaris Remotely With Gui


    I need to connect to the Sun server using gui remotely. Besides using something like vnc, is there any way to manage that server remotely with GUI.

    How about x-manager? correct me if i'm wrong.. x-manager is something like gnome or kde... but how can people always talk about x-manager can be used to manage the solaris server thru GUI?

    if that was right, what is the best and free x-manager to manage those solaris servers.


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    Well it IS UNIX, so SSH with X forwarding which works on most others should work too, though I haven't personally tested this. Generally remote root log ins is considered bad regaurdless of OS.

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    Xmanager sounds ok...but that is shareware. is there any free xmanager that i can get. thanks


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    Why do you need the GUI? Most of the regular admin jobs on *nix can be done on a command line. Ssh and sudo are usually more then enough to get the job done.
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    I was trying to install java based application…
    yes, i can install it thru cli..however, i cannot view that application thru cli

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