Dual Operating System!!!
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Thread: Dual Operating System!!!

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    Dual Operating System!!!

    Hi AO's

    A per when we talk about vista we need all the old programs to get upgraded as per the last post of mine i had problems with VS.net 2003 which is not compactible with vista for which either i have to downgrade to windows XP or else upgrade to vs.net 2005 or higher.

    well VS.net is not the only problem but all other programs also i have to upgrade which will really affect my budget.

    Coming up to one solution i had to check whether my laptop can handle this dual OS or not?

    With Dual Processor i mean Windows XP and the the existing one which is Vista Home Premium

    The detials of my Lap top is....

    Laptop made is ACER
    Module : 4720Z
    OS : Vista Home Premium
    HDD : 120 giga
    Ram : 1 giga
    Processor : Intel Dual Core

    Thanks and regards
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    Why not run VMWARE or MS Virtual PC - the later is a no ost from MS.. the install XP in VM.. run the "Non-Compactable" progs from there

    Being a stickler for uniform measurements.. WTF is a giga?

    And just what model CPU are you running.. there are a couple of dozen Dual Core Intels in the market.. and I am to fecking lazy to google the acer model..

    Advice here would be with vista.. 2Gb of Ram.. esp if you decide the VM option is what you need..
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    Aha Virtual PC

    That is what even i was wondering if i can work with it

    and other way round i m sorry to use giga its Gb (Giga Bytes)

    and yes i guess i would upgrade the Ram of my laptop
    which would be more suitable for making it work altogether

    Question is not "Why are you Online"
    Question is "Why are you Off line"

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