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Thread: Good Guy Job?

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    delete it
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    How old are you ? ... and what exactly do you mean by bringing down botnets and child porn sites?. Would you track the bad guys out and whoop their a$$es or would you just stick to cracking their network ? ... btw, will you be wearing a fancy costume while doing the job ;-)

    Anyway, bringing down botnets and child porn sites is mainly done by law enforcement agencies. You should try your luck joining the FBI or something.
    Besides, you can always report child porn sites to law enforcement agencies and let them do the a$$ kicking. The Internet Crime Complaint Center site
    lets you report cyber crimes (http://www.ic3.gov).

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    Of course if you go the vigilante route and you are traced visiting all of those kiddie porn sites you'll wind up getting your ass kicked by the law enforcement agencies.

    If you decide to go private look into getting your PI license and have a friend pay you a dollar or something so you can say you were attacking as a professional

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    Nevermind, Just delete this thread.

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    How about we just lock it and leave it at that.
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