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Thread: Seamless RDP

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    Seamless RDP

    I wrote about this a little while ago and it's rather interesting...

    Seemless RDP allows you to run individual Windows applications via RDP (requires rdesktop 1.5) instead of connecting to the desktop. This means you can run notepad, and have an instance of notepad, running on your Windows machine, that is a single Window inside your *nix distro.... Alternatively you can run explorer.exe and you'll have your own Windows start menu, capable of launching Windows programs.. .on Linux.. side by side with your linux applications.
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    Nice find!

    Do you have *any* idea how often I use RDP just to access a tool/utility installed on a Windows Server that is not installed on my workstation?

    For the most part, anything that runs on Windows Server, you can use a mmc snapin locally on the workstation and not have to log in via RDP. Almost every time I'm using my *nix workstation at work, I also have a RDP session open to some Windows Server. (mostly m$/AD environment)
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    Thats pretty cool, maybe they will include features like this in newer versions of windows :-)

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