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    my computer hacked plz help

    today @ 13:05 (indian time )
    some body try to hack my computer when i turn it on and connect it to address.
    my system though blocked it and show me the the ip add. from where it was trying to hack.
    now i have only the ip address from where it was trying to hack,
    as a precaution i immediatly disconnect the internet and also turn the computer off.
    but i dont know information was stolen from my system.
    i want to find out.
    it was from USA.
    plz help me, how can i know that what was stolen from my system.
    and legal / precaution activity i should do to stop it.

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    Well, it would help if you told us exactly what program on your system blocked it.

    Having said that I don't think that you have anything to worry about as the intrusion was blocked.

    As the intrusion was blocked, there should not have been any data removed from or added to your computer.

    Forget about the IP address, it is meaningless.

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    and also turn the computer off.
    If I've abused a stack overflow in an application then eveything worth looking into would be in memory.

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    I'm making an assumption that you are a victim of chance. I agree with nihil's post. Your firewall seems to have blocked the attempt. Anyway, what sort of information does your pc contain? I don't think any cracker would be bothered about the contents of your box unless you belong to the military or some big corporation. I'd really be more concerned about any malicious programs/rootkits which he might have installed in your box. And how about patching the flaw which might have enabled him to gain access to your box in the first place ???
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    Without a more detailed description of your symptoms,
    it would be pointless to speculate.
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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