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    Ubuntu/Debian: Linux Kernel 2.6 Local Root Exploit

    Wow.. have patched yours yet?

    Source: Slashdot

    aquatix writes "This local root exploit (Debian, Ubuntu) seems to work everywhere I try it, as long as it's a Linux kernel version 2.6.17 to If you don't trust your users (which you shouldn't), better compile a new kernel without vmsplice."
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    Sounds like Ubuntu may have reached their goal of being more windows like.
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    Lol, lookout M$, there's a new sheriff in town--
    Deputy Ubuntu asleep on the front porch of the police station...

    Oh, but he's a good sheriff when he's awake.
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    the good 'ol Linux dev.s will have it fixed in no time...unlike some others

    btw, does anybody know if this root exploit pertains to just Ubuntu/Debian, or also other distros/offshoots? or is this a dumb question?
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    I just heard on a mailing list that I am on that it also affects Slackware's kernel. Let me go clean the egg off my face.
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    Based on what I've seen this has nothing to do with the distro (it's not a distro specific kernel mod)... It is an issue with the Linux Kernel, meaning all distro's running affected versions are effected... There are several public exploits available and it is being discussed on several public mailing lists.
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