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An article from the NY Times entitled, 'Scanning Your Money to the Bank' recently came to my attention. The gist of the article is as follows: There's an Act (Check Clearing for The 21st Century) that allows for the exchange of electronic images of checks rather than the physical checks... Numerous banks and big business are already doing this, and one bank, which serves the US Military, has also implemented this. A company called Fiserv has recently announced that they have a way to bring this ability to online banking customers. I find this to be very, very frightening...
The remainder of the blog post is my thoughts on the subject... and why I find it scary... I'm curious to know if this worries anyone else? I don't think that home users scanning checks should be allowed... It opens the door to multiple new methods of check fraud that are much easier and more significant than anything that's been seen in the past.