Hi guys, I was hoping you guys could give me some advice about getting into the field of network security. First let me give you a little background about myself. I recently graduated from college with a Computer Information Systems degree and I currently work for a fortune 500 company doing legacy system programming, mainly in COBOL/JCL. Iíve taken some networking classes before, but it has been awhile since Iíve had them, for example I took a CCNA class at my high school, and some basic ones in college.

I really like programming, but I really want to get into network security as well, because it has always interested me. I was wondering if any of you guys in the field could give me some advice on where to start/order of steps I should go in, classes to take, and books to read. I looked around and some people have suggested to start out with Security+, then CCNA, then CISSP. Any advice would be great. Thanks.