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    Angry Meetings Request going awol

    Hi Guys

    I have a major problem with Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2003 on Windows Active Directory most the clients having the issue are running XP SP2 with current updates (one has W2K SP4).

    Basically when the users make a meeting request to a resource. The delegate receives the meeting the request date changes automatically to time the meeting is opened. It does not appear showing the date requested.

    I have tried various computers including Windows 2000/XP Outlook 2003 and even Outlook 2007 and even VM's (Virtual Machines). The only time it works correctly is on a network image created by our parent company. I asked them what could be different they either do not know or are unwilling to tell me as I am still waiting on a reply - They have basically washed the hands with the problem since I first posted this article, which complete unsatifactory given this is a major issue as no meetings can take place anymore until manually enter into the resource. Basically my head office or suggesting it is firewall, encryption, or anti-virus products. We don't have firewalls between us and head office. We also do not use encrpytion and the only anti-virus is McAfee which they install via scripts.

    I have even created new resources from scratch and the problem occurs with the new resources.

    As explained it works on a network image (unfortunately its a mess with German language otherwise I would use it) I cannot understand - How this can be different to a Official Microsoft Corporate XP disks had no problem until January 22nd either preinstalled or new installs it doesn't make a difference!

    I have check the time zones and applied updates for the time zone.

    Many Thanks
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