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    moving through the site.


    As I have sometime to spare at work I just want to find out how people go about answering posts etc.

    Do you click on new posts and do them all?

    When you log into the site I have all the latests posts there for me which i then check which ones i have subscribed to(ticked) and then just click new posts and answer like that.

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    I got to new posts and hit all my subscribed ones first and then any that interest me afterwards (unless I have something to mod first).

    Makes it easier.
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    I use the main page which shows all the most recently replied to threads automatically.

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    I guess I do the same as JPnyc.

    Main page; and look at everything that is new, or recently responded to.

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    I rarely subscribe to posts, but I do click the New Posts link and read the ones I have not read. I read the forums about 3-5 times a week, but never feel the need to post, since most answers to questions are already answered in the forum by other members, using the Search function, or by using a search engine... Which many times I have wanted to post "Just use Google!" or "RTFM".

    So this is why I rarely post. My own questions are answered by searching for the answers myself, and to read others questions and concerns about something that has been answered many times in this forum, and in search engines. Just makes me wonder why those individuals even have a personal computer...
    Computers do not have problems, they have users.

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    T̙͓̞̣̯ͦͭͅͅȂͧͭͧ̏̈͏̖̖Z̿ ͆̎̄
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    I never subscribe to threads...if a particular thread interests me I'll bookmark the page where I left off and go back to that same page to check up...

    otherwise, like JP and nihil I just go to the main index page to see what's new.

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