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My old notebook has been running DSL for a while, and I like it's light duty, quick and dirty interface.
Ahhh, yes Damn Small Linux is my second favorite distro...I love that little 50 mb monster!
The only thing is I wanted it as a portable os for my pendrive, but I could not get that thing to boot correctly...tried everything. So I ended up putting Puppy linux on my keydrive and it works fantastically. I tried dsl in qemu (linux emulator in windows) and I loved its simplicity. Oh, and about the screen resolutions, you just have to experiment around with those (what works in windows does not always work in linux lol)
About wifi, you will be very hardpressed to not find a solution somewhere...it's out there!

4dc, never believe those people at the big companies when it comes to linux, whoever told you it wont work prob. never has even used linux...it can work, always