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    hey gore, what firewall do you use (besides hardware)?
    and since I'm new to suse, how does apparmor work?
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    Generally IPTables. If you use YAST2 you can configure a good firewall with that which is like a front end to IPTables, and AppArmor and how it works would take quite a large post

    For that one just do a google on it, you'll get some good results that way and also some docs from Novell.

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    I just wanted to thank the folks in this thread - after several years of being intimidated, you convinced me to install SUSE (from the live CD) and I love it. Dual booting to a couple flavors of XP too and didn't lose a thing! Thanks Cider for the example. Heh. I would appreciate any input for what security apps you would use. I'm behind a NetGear home router and would also like to learn how to configure it properly. Btw, this computer was purchased in 2/98 and all hardware was recognized by SUSE without any problems (yet). Next: installing the full version without a DVD writer or floppy drive. Thanks again!
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    What's crackin', gore? Been a while...

    I formatted the drive and put Linux on there and he stopped having problems. I'd just SSH in to run the updates for software and didn't have to drive there anymore to click on update for Windows and his anti virus which he never scanned with or updated.
    Nothing beats SSH... but I thought that I might add that, when it comes to those users who are too stubborn, stupid or afraid to make the *nix switch, I always suggest they install the RealVNC Server. It's saved me several drives. I just have them start the server (password protected, of course) and have them determine the IP address over the phone - then I'm in, whether I'm on my Slack box or my Vista lappy (or any other computer, for that matter).

    It's also very helpful since, as anyone who has worked in IT knows, sometimes you simply must see the screen just to figure out what the hell a user is attempting to describe.

    Just my two cents... good to be back on AO...
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    Welcome back

    Yea understanding users trying to describe problems is sort of like watching hill billies on TV describe what a saucer looked like.

    "Then it started doing this and that and the other thing and I duno why!".

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    Yeah over here at Panda Security I do get alot of customers calling in describing what was going on - only to find out that when the end solution came they were describing something totally different
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