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    These are the plans that I found for CableOne (dated October 2007):


    It appears that once you reach your volume cap, they halve your connection speed.

    I haven't seen that approach over here, just daily and monthly volume limits. The providers are generally not too aggressive about it, but if you persistently exceed the terms of you plan they will shift you to a more expensive one.

    Our providers seem to have a different business model............... peak time would be considered to be something like 08.00 to 18.00Hrs, which is what they consider to be peak for the telephone system as well. I guess that they are trying to give priority to business customers?

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    I just recently went from a corporate sponsored blackberry to getting my own personal blackberry. I changed jobs and my new employer uses the Treo over the Blackberry... *shudder*.

    Anyway, the "unlimited data plan" from Verizon limits you to 5GB per month. I think it would be rather difficult to exceed 5GB per month unless you were using it as a modem for your computer or laptop. In that case, they are very specific about what you can and can't do when it comes to p2p and streaming media. Verizon Plan
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